Winter Creek Flowers is a sustainable grower, florist + workshop and course presenter. 



We offer a range of in-person and online workshops and courses for flower lovers and flower professionals. We have workshops and courses for everyone who loves to spend time with flowers including floral arranging and growing. We also offer business-related programs for flower industry professionals and those who are thinking of starting a flower focused business (coming in December 2021).


We source all our flowers locally from our own chemical-free farm and from other Victorian flower farmers. 


Our flowers are grown without harmful chemicals. We never use floral foam, plastics, dyes or other toxic products in our workshops or floral design work. 

Winter Creek Flowers are natural, beautiful and a little bit wild. We're proud to supply flowers that we 100% know have zero air miles, are plastic wrap free and have been grown without worker exploitation. Very importantly, our flowers haven't been sprayed with toxic chemicals. This means they're safe to smell, touch and display. We hope you'll enjoy their natural beauty as much as we do!


Workshop Teacher | Farmer Florist