Flourish with Flowers
An Online Course

Right now we're excited to be creating our first online course!


Not everyone can make it to our sustainable floristry workshops in person, and that's why we wanted to offer a course that's accessible to all, no matter where in the world you are or what time of the day suits you best.


Flourish with Flowers will run over 6 weeks. We'll share a weekly lesson including a live tutorial (with replay) and resources that you can access at your own pace. The course will include online classes and a members' group. We'll be covering basic floral techniques and a variety of delightful creative projects.

You'll need zero floristry experience, and all are welcome!

In each class, you'll be guided to learn valuable skills that build on each other. Every week, we'll introduce you to sustainable floristry techniques that you'll be able to use again and again. Upon completion of the course, you'll be able to confidently create beautiful arrangements for yourself and to gift to your friends and loved ones.


More than that, this course offers an opportunity for you to slow down, get into flow, be creative and connect with a bunch of other flower-loving people. The benefits of being in contact with nature are immense, and we want to share those benefits as widely as we can, through our flower workshops.


We can't wait to launch the next stage of this flower-filled journey and we hope that you'll love it as much as we do! 


PS: If you'd like to join the (no-obligation) waitlist for this course, just click below and send us a quick note to register your interest:

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Flourish with Flowers

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